Introduction of Holger Dehnhardt

Softube Console 1 Adapter for Mixbus32c

A few moth ago I bought a Softube Console 1 MIDI-Controller. I was buying it because my favourite DAW Mixbus 32C has a lot of buildin functionality that I wanted to control with hardware.

The Console1 fits quite well bcause there are controls for gate, EQ and compressor. But the standard MIDI functionality of MIxbus wasn't enough for me, as it couldn't be used to address the LED chains in the controller, for example. I therefore developed an extra module that allows the complete control of the channel strips of Mixbus32C. Unfortunately, Harrison has not yet managed to integrate the instructions for this, but there is a complete description in the Ardour manual: In future, it will also be possible to control external plug-ins.

Date: November 5th at 9:41am