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Born in 1967, in Aachen, I started making music very early. At the beginning only with vocals and guitar, I founded my first band together with a bass player at the age of 14.
After moving to Berlin, I played and sang in several bands and managed a small recording studio on the side.
For a few years I put the instruments aside and sang exclusively in a small a capella choir. After an intermezzo in a jazz band, in which some barbershop songs were part of the program, I concentrated completely on my own music and created as my first release ever an album, which is purely electronically instrumented, but with one exception always contains vocals, in which small stories are told.

Professionally, I focused quite quickly on software development. I have programmed in various languages and from 'simple developers' to consulting to managing larger teams, I have actually taken everything that is offered in the IT industry in terms of jobs. My sympathies belong to free software and Linux. All my music is created on Linux - although not exclusively with open source.

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